I work in Human Resources for a large company, and much of my work involves investigating employee complaints because working as a team is important. We have branches all over the country, so I joined a national gym chain to help me keep fit. I had set up meetings on Monday with a number of employees who had filed complaints at a branch office several hundred miles away, and I decided to work out on Sunday when I arrived to exercise out the kinks from the long drive.

When I reached the gym, I was pleased to see it wasn’t very crowded. I began loosening up on the treadmill, and a man chose the one next to me several minutes later. There were about half a dozen empty ones, but I soon learned he wanted to be next to me so I could hear his insults. I ignored him and moved on to working with weights. Rather than leaving me alone, he began working out next to me so he could continue his unwelcome harangue.

It was difficult to get past what had occurred at the gym, but it set it out of my mind when my meetings began in the morning. I talked with the employees who had filed complaints, and many of them had written logs of their harassment. I saw that this was more serious than I thought, and I was fully prepared to question their supervisor.

When he arrived for our meeting, I was shocked to see it was the same man who had harassed me at the gym. I was about to inform him I would get another person from my department to investigate when he admitted he had been harassing employees. Rather than fight the charges, he offered to hand in his resignation. I put him on leave, and I will now have to speak to my supervisor about how to handle his bad behavior.